Loki Midnight Edit

Loki Midnight
Loki Midnight-0

One of the main characters of my anime "Twilight Sky".

  • He is one of the guards in charge of supervising Building 5 in Sky/Twilight Prison.
  • Age: 23;
  • Full name: Loki Midnight;
  • Eye color: blue turquoise;
  • Gender: male;
  • Nationality: German-American;
  • Hair color: black;
  • Symbol: Dark Moon (symbols represent the secret powers of the character);
  • Favorite color: black; blue turquoise; dark silver and etc.;
  • Brothers / sisters: none;
  • Pets: The "Hell Hound", which in fact is just a black german shepherd called "Darky";
  • Foe: Hadjime Sugoroku (Lucky Konnokio-Sugoroku);
  • Friends: Doesn't have real ones;
  • Status: alive.

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